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Welcome! I am a UX designer and front-end developer in Cincinnati, OH. I combine creativity and technical skill to create great experiences. My development skills include CSS3 & SASS, JS & React/Redux, Git, and unit testing. I am familiar with issues related to responsiveness, accessibility, and backward compatibility. I have experience with Agile development and am a Certified Usability Analyst™ through Human Factors International.


Haven Home

2015 | Iris Creative

Code: HTML5, CSS3

CMS: Wordpress

Ecommerce: WooCommerce

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My reponsibility on the Iris Creative team was to convert a generic WordPress template using HTML5/CSS3 to match the PSDs provided by the designer. I also assisted with stocking and pricing items on the WooCommerce platform. Haven Home responsive screenshots
Jason Crandell Yoga

2014 | Jackson Solutions Group

Code: HTML5, CSS3

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The first responsive site that I coded from the ground up. My role in the team at Jackson Solutions Group was to translate the designer's PSDs to optimized front end code, focusing on a fast load time and mobile responsiveness.

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2016-2017 | Myself

Code: Node, React, CSS, SVG

Deployed with: Heroku

Podcast Reader

This app uses the GPodder API and IBM Watson API to transcribe podcast episodes.
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Who Said It?

Quiz I made using React and SVG animations to show my love for the show Parks & Recreation.
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Vintage fashion

2014 | Jackson Solutions Group

Code: HTML5, CSS3

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My role in the team at Jackson Solutions Group was to convert the designer's PSDs to code. This was then passed on to the PHP developer to be integrated with WordPress.

The Deco Haus screenshot
Fusion Alliance

2016 | Fusion Alliance

Brochure Design

Fusion Alliance is a technology consulting company that offers a large variety of services, so the challenge in this project was to quickly summarize each of their main offerings in a way that translated abstract technology concepts into concrete and memorable images.

2012 | Senior Art Show

Large Poster Design

propaganda (noun): a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position.

Propaganda takes many forms, but its main goal is to elicit an emotional rather than a rational response. In my show, I have taken quotes from various sources and created posters that promote the message or worldview of each individual. I have executed these in a way that reflects the many styles of propaganda art in the past. This is a style that does not hold back, using bold and contrasting colors, angular shapes, dynamic compositions, and symbolic images. It is intimidating and direct. My color schemes, typography, compositions, and symbols recreate this style. My influences include constructivist artists such as El Lissitzky, Alexander Rodchenko and Vladimir Mayakovsky; and contemporary designers such as Shepard Fairey, Paul Sizer, and Fernando Reza.

The purpose of this collection of posters is to present each message in a way that overrides rationality. This show explores how, especially in my field of graphic design, persuasion and emotional associations are used to inspire action and drive the message home. All art is a form of propaganda, because it subverts logic and speaks directly to our emotions.

Chicago skyline

2012 | Freelance

Brochure Design

This Chicago gyro joint was in need of a refresh of its image. Their menu highlights their special deals and comes in handy for that late night gyro craving. We wanted to capture the fun and flavor of this food while highlighting its local roots.

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2011 - Present | Freelance

Graphic Design

Graduation invitation Wedding invitation Event poster

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